Caerina Abrenica - Illustration & design


Caerina is a Filipina-Canadian Illustrator and Designer from Toronto.

Photo by Jerick Collantes.

Photo by Jerick Collantes.

City of Toronto
Massive Art
UNITY Charity
Parks Nā€™ Wreck
The STEPS Initiative
Youth Employment Services
Curls & Confidence
Wintor Massiv
Kadence World
The Combine

At an early age, she taught herself how to draw, referencing cartoons and comics that she enjoyed watching and reading growing up. Movement and the body became a theme in her work when she discovered her passion for breakdancing 8 years ago. Her passion for the dance became her inspiration for creating images that reflect her attempt to understand the context of diverse communities and environments in the form of illustration, zines, comics, animation, painting, doodles and murals. Fascinated by blocky characters and geometric shapes, she executes her images digitally and traditionally.