Caerina Abrenica - Illustration, Design, Comics & more.


Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design & illustration for brands, publications, and people.

Photo by Jerick Collantes.

Photo by Jerick Collantes.

Caerina is a Filipina-Canadian Illustrator and B-Girl from Toronto. Her work often explores her experience breakdancing for over 8 years.

Influenced by movement, cartoons, and hip hop, she merges design with street culture, portraying Toronto’s diverse energy in a fun, sophisticated way.

Her name is pronounced as "suh-ree-nah". On her spare time, she enjoys cooking, listening to records and spinning on the floor.

Caerina has worked for the City of Toronto, Ubisoft, Massive Art, UNITY Charity, Manifesto, Parks N’ Wreck and more.



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